How to build the deals of your web-based store?

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Surely you’ve learned by now that getting your products online isn’t enough to increase e-commerce sales. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be interested in reading this article, right?

Let’s face it: increasing ecommerce sales these days can be quite a difficult feat in this digitally competitive world, especially as the CoViD 19 pandemic has sort of swept the world, and now people are pouring in. online to purchase the products.

Now, with tons of people capable of building a website and selling the same products that you sell, let alone several online marketplaces that somehow compete with your site, you need to take the necessary action so that you don’t just stick around. afloat in the sea of ​​e-commerce competitors, but also prosper and build a bigger, stronger and faster ship.

Essentially, an ecommerce website that not only sells articles online, but also ranks better in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and converts faster as you build your empire.


Here are the 10 best ways to boost ecommerce sales in 2020

1. Increase your brand awareness.

2. Know your customers better and develop buyer personas.

3. Positioning well on search engines and improving the user experience with e-commerce referencing. • Secure your e-commerce website.

4. Expand your market share by selling more and elsewhere.

5. Use ONLY high quality product images.

6. Take advantage of short but eye-catching videos for product demonstrations.

7. Make sure your sales funnel is built on trust.

8. Do Email Marketing (Build Your Email List) – old but valuable.

9. Take advantage of social media marketing.

10. Make sure that there are many payment options available and that your payment process is kept simple.

• Conclusion.

The following list details how to increase online store sales in 10 powerful and actionable ways.Feel free to bookmark this page, so you can read it later if you’re pretty busy right now, or just save it so you can come back here whenever you need useful information about the topic. ‘increase your online sales or if you want to improve your approach to marketing in e-commerce in general.

1. Build more on your brand awareness.

As you may already know, your brand can impact buyer confidence, repeat buyers and even search engine optimization (SEO), and therefore these factors impact your online sales.

So the more people know and trust your brand, the more your online sales will increase. So, to increase your brand awareness, be sure to focus on quality:

• Make sure you are selling high quality products.

• Publish highly relevant and useful content on your website.

• Make sure your team provides top notch customer service.

• Be everywhere by partnering with other companies in the industry.

• Make sure all of your web pages are SEO-enhanced with ecommerce (more on that later).

• Consider paid ads and be active on social media sites (we’ll talk about that later as well).

• Leverage a comprehensive digital marketing agency to help you engage your target audience and buy from your ecommerce store.

 2. Know your customers better and develop buyer personas.

Creating and targeting specific Buyer personas can mean the failure or success of your ecommerce marketing strategy, which has a huge impact on your ecommerce sales.

In fact, if you don’t have detailed buyer personas, you won’t get where you want to go in terms of increasing your online sales.

• Communicate more with your customers by exploring reviews of your business and articles.

• If possible, do some user testing on new products with free shipping to start orders and increase sales.

• Follow your customers through every step of their buying journey (don’t just send them an email requesting to leave a review). • Run surveys on your ecommerce store or social business pages.

• Think about their perspectives on pain points, shopping frictions and where they spend time online.

• Do they like customer service over live chat or phone calls?

• Talk to your customers about your products, understand them so you can offer them more products they’ll love, create compelling ads, and produce content that will pique their interests.

3. Positioning well on search engines and improving the user experience with e-commerce referencing

SEO for online stores is one of the vital steps you need to take to ensure that your products and ecommerce site, in general, get the visibility they deserve, especially when it comes to to rank at the top of the SERPs on Google and Bing.

Search engine optimization can help you not only rank above your competition, but also improve your customers’ experience while browsing your online store. Give them such a trustworthy and enjoyable experience that they buy your products on the spot. 

Now, SEO for Ecommerce can help you with many factors to increase ecommerce sales, but I am sharing the main benefits when doing SEO for Ecommerce:Increase in organic web traffic.

As you may already know, organic web traffic comes from search results that don’t get paid. This means that someone has decided to click on your web page without the influence of paid promotions.

Now, remember that every time your target audience comes to your ecommerce site from organic search, you save a lot on paid ads. This alone is a critical factor that makes SEO worthwhile.

Better mobile responsiveness

To increase ecommerce sales, you need to make sure that your online store looks good and performs well on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Did you know there are over 167 million mobile shoppers in the United States alone? And US mobile retail e-commerce sales reached 338billion dollars in 2020. This shows that a responsive mobile online store is vital to driving e-commerce sales.

You can check if your site is mobile-friendly by running a Google mobile-friendly test.Fast loading speed

Site speed is one of Google’s ranking factors. Therefore, your website should load fast enough for potential buyers to stay active on your site.

You can check if your website is loading fast enough by performing a test on Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights.So if you have a slow loading online store like the one shown in the sample image, you had better get it referenced by the experts.

How much does SEO cost?

The average cost of SEO that typically ranges between $ 500 and $ 2,500 per month.

Secure your e-commerce website

Be aware that no one will ever buy from an eCommerce website if it looks sketchy. So, one of your top priorities should be making sure that your website is secure, a task for your ecommerce SEO team.Typically, a secure website displays Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) in the URL.It looks like this:

4. Expand your market share by selling more and elsewhere.

With many online markets coming up all over the world, the competition can get very stiff. So in addition to making sure your site is improving every day, you can increase online sales by selling more of your products elsewhere.

The first thing you can do is think of better ways to sell your products, either piecemeal or in bulk (for example, a teeth whitening gel versus a teeth whitening kit). If you give your potential customers great choices, like a wholesale discount, they will most likely buy them on unique items.

Now, if you only sell your items within your comfort zone of existing customers, usually among your website visitors or your social page subscribers, you’re not really increasing your market share.Consider joining online marketplaces relevant to your business or the products you sell.

Most often you will find a considerable number of buyers in popular online marketplaces.

5. Use high quality product images ONLY.

There is a saying in retail that goes, “people buy with their eyes”. That said, your product images are arguably the second thing your potential customers will see on your webpage. Which is the first, you ask? Your title.

So be sure to invest in high quality images as appearance is critical to how your buyers perceive your products and your brand in general.Whatever you are selling, be sure to include impeccable quality images in your items (hire a professional photographer and graphic designer if you have to). Don’t settle for poorly lit photos and tiny thumbnails.

Also, keep in mind that people would love to see your item from all angles, especially when it comes to gadgets and clothing.

6. Take advantage of short but eye-catching videos for product demonstrations.

Today’s consumers love videos. It’s a great way to educate them about what you’re selling while keeping them entertained.

Plus, videos will help you keep a potential customer on your website longer, lowering your bounce rate and increasing your site’s engagement when they click on your videos for product demos.

Now, product demonstrations on videos don’t necessarily work for all products (for example, making a video on how to put on a shirt doesn’t make sense).

However, if you can think of ways to showcase the features and benefits of your products, especially if there is unique functionality, a product video is a great way to easily get your point across.

7. Make sure your sales funnel is built on trust.

Another way to increase online sales is to make sure your sales funnel is built on trust. When a buyer is about to make a purchase from your online store, that buyer’s journey will likely look like this:

• Clicks on an organic search result or ad

• Displays the product page • Payment for views

• Go through the payment process

Now, by making sure that every step of the sales funnel is driven by trust, you will definitely increase sales.So how do you create a trust-driven sales funnel? Here are a few tips :

• Include product reviews on the product page (remember that reviews are like social proof).

• Install live chat on your online store site (provide great customer service).

• Add some testimonials on your payment page.

8. Do Email Marketing (Build Your Email List) – old but valuable.

Ecommerce email marketing is a great way to stay engaged with your customers. You see, the online marketplace and social business pages can be deleted, and there is nothing you can do about it because you don’t have such platforms.

However, you still have control over your mailing list because it belongs to you (as long as you use it responsibly, you won’t have any problems).

So, seek to continually grow your email list with quality leads. And once these platforms have made significant changes to their algorithms and policies, you can often find that your ecommerce store is negatively impacting these changes.

Additionally, sending occasional promotions to your customers’ email addresses will not only help you get them to buy something from your site, but will also inspire them to repeat similar purchases, especially if you’ve planned very well. your email marketing.

Email Marketing: How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign (Step by Step)

9. Take advantage of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the sure-fire ways to get more visitors to your store, especially new customers. Your social media posts can heat them up to become paying customers.

Also, social media retargeting is surprisingly the lowest fruit that ecommerce brands don’t exploit.Take Facebook Pixel, for example, it can help you bring home 98% of your target buyers. And yet, many eCommerce site owners haven’t fully set it up in their online store.

Additionally, be sure to add multiple elements to your social business pages, such as Add to Cart and Visit Online Store buttons.

10. Make sure that there are many payment options available and that your payment process is kept simple.

Providing plenty of payment options can definitely help you increase your sales.

A few years ago online stores could only accept credit cards for payment, but things have changed for the better, and there are a bunch of payment methods that your target market uses.

Some examples of these payment options in addition to credit and debit cards are:

• Google Wallet

• ApplePay

• Stripe

• WePay

• PayPal

By adding more payment methods, you make it easier for your buyers to give you their money and buy even more items from your store, thus increasing your sales.Most importantly, simplify your checkout process.

Consider giving your customers the option to sign up or not (for example, a checkout page asking your buyers to pay as a loyal customer or a guest customer).More often than not, the “customer check” option makes the checkout process easier and improves your conversion better than the “loyal customer” connection.

Do everything in your power to reduce frictions that your buyers encounter during your checkout process, so they don’t tire and abandon your site. Remember that making a sale is more important than populating a database for your site.

Thus, allow your customers to follow a smooth route when purchasing your products.

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