Is Image Alt Text a Google Ranking Factor?

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Can alt tags affect your organic search ranking on Google? Read on to find out if alt text is a ranking factor.

But can alt tags affect your organic search rank?

Read on to find out if there is a link between alt text and improving Google rankings.

What is alt text?

Alt text (ALT attribute) is an HTML image attribute. It allows you to create an alternate text version of your image in case the image cannot load or there is an accessibility issue.

Due to its importance to Google Image Search, it is considered a ranking factor.

Alternative text as a ranking factor: the evidence   In the Google Search Central Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, they state the following about the use of alt tags:

In Google Search Central’s advanced SEO documentation, you’ll find a page on image best practices.

Additionally, alt text in images is useful as anchor text if you decide to use an image as a link.

“Avoid filling in alt attributes with keywords (keyword stuffing) as this leads to a negative user experience and may result in your site being viewed as spam.”

“Conductor’s Digital Transformation Summit on Wednesday October 20 is an invitation-only event for market leaders.

So if you don’t care about looking for images, then from a search standpoint, you don’t really need to worry about alt text.

Is a good way to get us say it’s on this image and we’re going to get some additional information on your page regarding how we can rank that landing page.

Moz mentions ranking factors in relation to the alt text. Instead of saying the alt text itself is a ranking factor,

Moz advises:

“… Alt text gives you another opportunity to include your target keyword.  In 2021, during a Twitter chat about ALT text having an SEO advantage, Google developer Martin Splitt said:

“Yes, alt text is also important for SEO!

“The alt text as a ranking factor: verdictThere is no specific mention of alt text as a ranking factor for Google search.

So, based on the comments made by the representatives of Google, along with all the supporting information that we have found, we are calling the alt text a confirmed Google ranking factor.

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