Affiliate SEO Marketing: 9 Effective SEO Techniques To Boost Your Rank In SERPs

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If you’re in the business of affiliate marketing, you should know by now that your biggest challenge is getting organic traffic and sell more products.


  1. Take advantage of snippet and SERP functionality optimization
  2. Stand out from your competitor’s best content.
  3. Maximize the ROI of your content with better keyword research
  4. Maximize existing rankings with CTR optimizations
  5. Increase visibility with internal link optimization.
  6. Perform readability optimizations for better performance on the page

Remove friction with more digestible paragraphs.

Invest in content design for maximum attention.

  1. 2x the loading speed of your website.
  2. Review and update your old content.
  3. Increase search visibility with Quora.

Affiliate marketing is harder than the experts believe.


We got it: Every day you see an ad on Facebook for the latest “expert” who wants to show you how to make millions of dollars while sleeping.


They’re almost as bad as the ’90s infomercials we’ve grown to love.


More importantly, they are unrealistic.

The team has put together the most effective search engine optimization techniques we use daily for affiliate marketers (plus we brought in bloggers + owners of a handful of successful affiliate websites).


Today, we’re going to share 9 Actionable SEO Techniques Affiliate Marketers Can Use to Increase Organic Traffic and Sell More Affiliate Products.


We’ll walk you through each technique and walk you through the steps to implement each tactic to double the impact of your SEO efforts and drive traffic to your own site

Take advantage of snippet and SERP functionality optimization

The number of Featured Snippets (rich results or 0 position) that appear in search results has skyrocketed (Ahrefs estimates that 12.3% of search results have Featured Snippets).


To add to that, 8.6% of clicks go to the Featured Snippet in those search results. In other words, Optimizing Featured Snippets is a huge opportunity to increase your search traffic.


So how do you optimize rich snippets and other SERP features?


We use 2 different tactics:


Include “summary” paragraphs

Discuss the FAQ

Include “summary” paragraphs

41.59% des extraits en vedette proviennent de requêtes de recherche axées sur les questions. Si votre article de 2 000 mots if you concentrate on the response to 1 or 2 questions centrales, prenez le temps d’écrire a résumé of your response to the fin of the article.

Write the central question that you are focusing on answering as an h2 or h3 tag, followed by a Paragraph response to that question.


According to a 2018 study by SEMRush, the average Rich Snippet paragraph is 46 words, so try to limit your response to 40-50 words to maximize your


The question-driven search queries have seen a massive increase in “Other People Also Asked” (PAA) SERP functionality since Google started experimenting with them in 2015.


For example, the search for the “what is SEO” returns the next PAA box halfway through the first page of search results.

Are you working on an article here defining the SEO, why not reply to some questions on your blog?


It includes the question of origin as an h2 or h3 tag, followed by a 40-50 word answer list for maximizing the probability of capturing this SERP functionality.

Stand out from the best content of your competitor

You can use tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs or UberSuggest and type in your competition site / sites.


What you will see is a list of the pages on your competitor’s website that are driving the most monthly organic traffic to their site.


Go through these top performing pages and rate them to see what would be realistic for you to outperform with a more valuable content.


Look for low quality articles – articles here:


lack of depth (could easily be doubled in length)

lack of actionable advice

lack of a significant backlink profile

Write your own version of chacun de ces articles with the practical conseils and the depth that recherchent vos lecteurs cibles et regardez your site want the meilleurs classments of your concurrents.

If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic over shorter periods of time, you’ll need to rely on keyword research before you even write anything.


Taking a strategic approach to what you are going to write will pay off once your website gains authority and begins to rank naturally for keywords.


My favorite secret to finding your next 20 blog topics in under an hour is to use UberSuggest or Ahrefs, the incredibly powerful link building and keyword research tools.

Although these tools come at a high monthly price, they are by far the most powerful tools on the market.

You can start by using the free version, is enough to get started. You will have the potential to have a serious impact on your blog traffic in the long

How do you define the appropriate amount of research / competition to research?

Finding the right keywords to target for your industry depends on what you’re looking to rank for, as well as the search intent behind each.


Are you looking to increase your blog traffic without a direct goal, or are you looking for lucrative keywords that will have a direct impact on your ROI? Whatever your goal, these tools can help.


If you are just trying to increase traffic, look for high volume keywords that your competition is ranking for.

From there, you can filter several criteria including existing keywords, new keywords, and keyword moves for your competition.


I see that a competing site starts to rank for a new keyword that matches specific criteria, then I produce a new post that targets that keyword.


The criteria that will work for your own keyword research will depend on several factors, including the size of the niche, the number of competitors in your space, and the domain classification of your own site. But for reference, I usually only search for a new keyword if it has a search volume of

Maximize existing rankings with CTR optimizations

If so, consider CTR optimizations to increase the number of people accessing your site.

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