How to Hire a Good Content Marketing Writer?

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You have surely heard the expression “  content is king  ”. And while that might be a terribly overused expression, the fact remains that it is true. In this article, we’ll show you what we’ve learned about building an effective content team. We also explain how to hire expert content writers who help you attract quality organic traffic.


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Content marketing copywriters.

Having great content isn’t enough, you need to deliver  great  content. And in order to do that, you will need to hire an experienced content marketer who can deliver results.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to hiring a top content marketing copywriter.

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What is a content marketing copywriter?

Writing marketing content is the creation of blogs, white papers, social media posts, articles, and all kinds of other written material. Also known  as content marketers , the best content marketing copywriters are highly skilled at what they do.

Content marketing copywriters have two main goals:

  • Excellent content creation
  • Adherence to a global content strategy

Before creating the content, writers should do some research. After creating the content, they proofread and edit their work to prepare it for publication.

They take the time to understand the brand, the competition, and do the research necessary to write great content on their topic.

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What to look for in a content marketing copywriter?

Not all writers make good content writers. It takes a certain type of writer with a certain skill set to be able to produce content that can generate leads and  drive sales .

Here’s what to look for if you want a top content marketer to improve your business:

Writing skills

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that great marketers can become great content writers. Just because someone knows how to create ads and generate income doesn’t mean they can put together enough words to write effective content.

They must master syntax, grammar and punctuation. They must be astute in the way they combine words and create sentences. They need to know how to tell a story that can spark a reader’s interest.

Some writers rely on editors to perfect their work, but the best writers know the ins and outs of writing techniques and require very little editing.

Know the area

When interviewing and validating a content marketing copywriter, pay close attention to the type of writing experience on their resume.

For example, poets, novelists, and screenwriters don’t necessarily make great content marketing writers. Sure, you can find here and there a poet who  also  marketing skills, but there are other types of writers who are good at writing content.

Writers with a background in journalism can be very good at content writing because they are experienced in fact finding and checking.

Editors know how to sell with words. They know how to woo an audience. A good copywriter usually makes an excellent content marketing copywriter.

But for best results, the experience you should be looking for is a blog content writer with digital marketing background (SEO experience preferred).

Understanding your brand and audience

It is important that your content writer has a solid knowledge of your brand and target audience. In order to create awesome content, they’ll need to understand who they’re creating it for.

Your copywriter should also be able to write in the tone and style of your brand’s voice. If you don’t already have one, they should be able to create one for you.

Since you will most likely be posting different types of content, you will also need this writer to be able to adapt different voices and tones for different purposes.

Technical knowledge

If your business deals with very technical topics, you should have a specialist writer on hand who understands the complex nature of your industry.

But as a dedicated full-time writer? It could be very expensive. Especially when creating consistent content on a posting schedule. It is best to contract this type of writer as a consultant for special projects.

Industry experts can provide valuable insight into your brand and business, but they don’t always make the best content writers. They are also not experts in traffic generation.

Every once in a while a content opportunity presents itself that requires specific technical expertise. When creating in-depth thought leadership content, you can bring in qualified experts from a shared plan or through detailed customer feedback.

By posting a combination of blog posts that generate traffic and provide industry insight, you are helping yourself build a blog that is robust, informative, and designed to increase traffic.


The best content marketing copywriters are versatile. Ideally, they should be able to apply whatever content strategy you offer them.

A strong writer will always be:

  • Able to adapt new ideas
  • Eager to undertake new projects
  • Open-mindedness to new writing topics


As with anyone you hire, you’ll want your content marketing copywriter to exude professionalism.

They should have excellent communication skills and be easy to contact. They must be reliable and quick to respond to questions, problems and concerns. They must demonstrate that they can meet the deadlines of your content schedule and meet the overall goals of your content strategy.

Knowledge of SEO

SEO  is a complex and constantly evolving field that goes way beyond the day-to-day work of most content writers. And while great content writers don’t need to be   SEO experts , they should, at the very least, have a basic understanding of what SEO is and how to write in it. spirit.

The goal of SEO is to get more search engine traffic and attract a larger audience. Content writers need to know how to do this using semantically related words. They must understand the research intent. They need to know when, where and why to include relevant links.

Where to find a content marketing writer

So where and how do you go to find one of these elusive content marketing copywriters?

Independent writing platforms

There are several reputable independent platforms where content marketing copywriters are in abundance. Sites like Upwork,, and ProBlogger are great places to start.

Each independent site has its own ways of identifying talented writers.

Upwork, for example:

  • Use customer reviews to rate each writer
  • Shows you their work history and past clients
  • Lets you know if they are currently available for rental

You can read writers’ biographies, review their portfolios, and read reviews from past clients. If you don’t have the time to conduct the research yourself, you can hire an Upwork Talent Recruiter to do the research for you.

While it can be tempting, hiring the cheapest writer is never a good decision. The range of $ 20 to $ 30 an hour is the ideal solution.

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