Best Resources for Teachers Using PDFs

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With technology more and more present in our classrooms, it makes no sense to punish those who use it.

Rather than subjecting a student to ridicule and humiliation for using their iPhone in class, most teachers are now incorporating technology into their curriculum.

At Soda PDF, we believe this is a step in the right direction.

We would like to present some key resources that can be used by teachers and educators. Here are some tips that revolve around using PDFs in the classroom. – eBooks in PDF

This site has a section on digital books. Soda PDF can be used to display these books in PDF format which each student can access from any device or computer they wish to use.

With PDFs, you have the ability to share useful information without risking anything being tampered with. This is particularly useful when dealing with a younger generation. – Publishing Tools

Are any of your students showing an interest in writing?

Do you think some have the potential to be published? Through this website and the PDFs, you can download your students’ work without fear of plagiarism or theft.

And with SODA PDF, you can convert Word to PDF for free and easily! You can also compress, edit and split your files using this tool. – PDF Tools

One of the many ways to embrace technology in the classroom is to stay on top of the latest innovations.

Educators Technology provides a perfect range of guides on how to use PDFs in education.

By using these guides in conjunction with Soda PDF, you will be sure to always maintain the attention of your students. – Tips and tricks for teaching

Not only does it offer tips and tricks to help you on a daily basis, it also offers solutions to almost all common classroom problems.

Use the Soda PDF browser add-on to view a PDF with interesting tips on how to remember your students’ names. – Educational Bitstrips

Do you remember the bitstrips?

These fun little comics can encourage your students’ creativity and help them learn at the same time. Edutainment is a term coined by the Walt Disney Company in the late 1940s to promote both educational and entertaining content.

Even though bitstrips has unfortunately closed its site (sigh), teachers can still access a downloadable activity book (yep!), But you have to hurry because who knows how long it will be available!

By using Soda PDF, you can view and share these creations without worrying about another student changing the content.

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