Why am I having my Facebook account hacked?

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Several people say they are victims of the hack on Facebook and that their accounts are hacked. Many people see posts on their walls that don’t belong to them.

It should be noted that the security on Facebook is not so trivial allowing anyone to hack into the accounts of others. Facebook is not that stupid as a system. The majority of cases are related to the ignorance of people and the misuse of Facebook and its applications.

If your Facebook account is hacked, there are three reasons:

– You have disclosed your password to your friends or relatives. And that’s not hacking, you just weren’t careful. So you just have to change your password and don’t give it to anyone this time :). Secure your account with your phone number is the best way to protect your account. So no one can access your account or change the password without having to enter a code that you receive via your phone.

– Someone has tried combinations of passwords and found the correct one because your password is not strong. It contains your surname, first name, first name of your children and their dates of birth. So easy to become.

– 95% of cases is that you install applications and indirectly give them the right to use your account without knowing it. When you click authorize, you give the right to this application to act on your behalf. We must be careful, the applications we install on Facebook do not necessarily belong to Facebook. When you get an invitation to use an app, think about it a thousand times before you install and authorize it. The application becomes part owner of the account and can publish anything it wants on your wall, including advertisements, nudities …  

In summary, the majority of cases related to the takeover of our account are related to our ignorance while using Facebook and not related to the security of Facebook itself.  

Tips to avoid having your Facebook account hacked:

      Choose a strong password: contains lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters. Do not use words that can identify you such as your name, your date of birth or even data on your children.


       Clean up your applications. Remove any apps you don’t recognize or use. 

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